The Devil Aspect Cover
The Devil Aspect

1. How did The Devil Aspect use the themes of good vs. evil?

2. Why do you think the author chose to set the book in Czechoslovakia before WWII?

3. What role did the setting (for example, the medieval castle and the forests) play in the novel?

4. While reading, who were your top suspects for “Leather Apron”?

5. What clues were missed along the way to the true identity of “the Leather Apron,” including by Viktor himself?

6. How did themes of “madness” play into the novel?

7. What do you think most drew Judita and Viktor together?

8. What similarities, if any, could you draw between each of the Devil’s Six?

9. What effect do you think the multiple narrations, primarily Viktor’s and Police investigator Smolák’s, had in the telling of the story?

10. In the end, do you believe Viktor’s theory about “The Devil Aspect” was proven to be true or false?