Star-Crossed Cover

1. What meaning does astrology have in your life? How much or little do you feel that your star sign reflects your character?

2. Do you think it was wrong for Justine to meddle with the horoscope column of the Alexandria Park Star?

3. Have you ever made a serious decision based on what you’ve read in a horoscope?

4. What do you think Justine sees in Nick? What does Nick see in Justine?

5. Justine’s advice to Nick is often to follow his dreams. What do you think about people being encouraged to chase difficult creative goals?

6. In the ‘cusp’ sections of Star-Crossed, characters make big decisions based on their horoscopes. Which of these decisions, do you think, is the most significant? 

7. With which of the ‘cusp’ characters did you feel the most connected? What was it about their story that appealed to you?

8. Do you ever feel moved to correct errors of punctuation and spelling the way that Justine does? What is your biggest pet peeve, and why?

9. Do you think there is such a thing as ‘destiny’? How did Star-Crossed make you feel about your own ideas of destiny?

10. Did you notice any small details in the story that reflect the symbols, characteristics or constellations of the twelve star signs?