The Robber Bride Cover
The Robber Bride

1. In The Robber Bride, Tony says that people like Zenia don't get into your life unless you invite them in. What devices does Zenia use to first gain entry into the lives of Tony, Charis, and Roz? How does she alter her techniques to attract and control men?

2. On the surface, Tony, Charis, and Roz do not appear to be at all alike, yet similarities do in fact exist. For example, during their childhoods they each developed what could be called "dual" identities. How do the psychological devices they developed as children help or hinder them? In what ways do their own children differ from them?

3. While seeming all-powerful, the constantly changing Zenia lacks a centre of her own. Is it possible for women to achieve the same kinds of power that men do in today's society, or do they have to break rules and operate as outlaws? Do women have a kind of power that is different from male power?

4. Magic can mean two things: sleight of hand played by stage magicians, and true "magic," or supernatural ability. What role does each kind of "magic" play in the novel, if any?

5. The restaurant where Zenia reappears is called The Toxique. What role does naming - of persons and places - play in this novel?

6. Is there a difference between the lies others tell and Zenia's lies? Are there "good" lies and "bad" lies? Do the hearers play a role in the construction of these lies?

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