Seven Lies Cover
Seven Lies

1. One of the main themes of Seven Lies is the dark complexity of female friendship. In your experience, is very close friendship possible without some degree of difficulty?

2. Jane’s first lie is arguably the catalyst for the events of the novel. Would you have lied in that situation? Should friends always be honest with each other no matter how difficult the truth might be to hear?

3. At the start of chapter 2, Jane states that this is her attempt to tell the truth. To what extent do you feel that she is honest with the reader?

4. In chapter 6, Jane asserts that it’s important that the reader understands her relationship with her mother. What bearing do you think this relationship has on the rest of the novel?

5. Did you find Jane a sympathetic narrator? How, if at all, did your opinion of her change as the story progressed?

6. Jane says that she never looked for other friends because she had everything she needed in Marnie. Do you think it’s more important to have one really intimate friendship or a wider group of people you can rely on?

7. Jane idolizes Marnie. Do you share that view? Do you like the character of Marnie?

8. How do the themes of power and control manifest themselves throughout the novel?

9. In your opinion, which of the seven lies was the most understandable, and which the least?