Fatherland Cover

1. Did you find the alternative history of Fatherland convincing? If so, what details strengthened that conviction?

2. 'Fatherland works on all levels' -- Washington Post. What do you think this means? How do you think Fatherland works best?

3. Do you think Robert Harris's portrayal of women effectively reflects the society he has created?

4. 'History is told through the eyes of the victor.' How does this statement apply to Fatherland?

5. 'You're an irony yourself, March, in a way... We set out to breed a generation of supermen to rule an empire...we trained them to apply hard fact -- pitilessly, even cruelly...And what happens? A few of you...begin to turn this pitiless clear thinking on us...' (page 240). What other ironies do you think there are in Fatherland?

6. How does the theme of deception work in the novel?

7. Do you think Xavier March had a fatal flaw? If so, what was it?

From the Paperback edition.