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Eighty-seven extraordinary narrators come together in Four Hundred Souls to tell one of history’s great epics: the four-hundred-year journey of African Americans from 1619 to the present. Edited by Ibram X. Kendi, author of How to Be an Antiracist, and Keisha N. Blain, author of Set the World on Fire, the complete cast list of the audiobook production can be found below.




The Cast of Four Hundred Souls:

Joniece Abbott-Pratt reading “1894-1899 Plessy v. Ferguson”
Amir Abdullah reading “1939-1944 The Black Soldier”
Ryan Vincent Anderson reading “1904-1909 Jack Johnson”
Kristen Ariza reading “1759-1764 One Black Boy: U.S Midwest”
Dashawn Barnes reading “1779-1784 Savannah, Georgia”
Joshua Bennett reading “American Abcedarian”
Quincy Tyler Bernstine reading “1914-1919 The Great Migration”
Keisha N. Blain reading “Conclusion”
Andre Blake reading “1929-1934 The Great Depression”
Torian Brackett reading “1734-1739 From Fort Mose to Soul City”
Donte Bonner reading “1664-1669 The Virginia Law on Baptism”
Mahogany L. Browne reading “Morse: John Wayne Niles .__.. ermias Joseph Asghedom”
Ron Butler reading “1814-1819 Queer Sexuality”
Kellie Carter-Jackson reading “1679-1684 The Virginia Law that Forbade Bearing Arms”
Brianna Collette reading “1654-1659 Unfree Labor”
Karen Chilton reading “1744-1749 Lucy Terry Prince”
Sean Crisden reading “1879-1884 John Wayne Niles”
Keith David reading “1809-1814 The Louisiana Rebellion”
Angela Y. Davis reading “1994-1999 The Crime Bill”
William DeMerrit reading “1709-1714 The Revolt in New York”
Leonard Dozier reading “1769-1774 David George”
Robin Eller reading “1909-1914 The Black Public Intellectual”
Kevin R. Free reading “1804-1809 Cotton”
James Fouhey reading “1859-1864 Frederick Douglass”
Alicia Garza reading “2014-2019 Black Lives Matter”
Dion Graham reading “1849-1854 Oregon”
Danai Gurira reading “1774-1779 The American Revolution”
Jerome Harmann-Hardeman reading “1899-1904 Booker T Washington”
Jamal Henderson reading “1749-1754 Race and the Enlightenment”
Ethan Herisse reading “1844-1849 James McCune Smith, MD”
Susan Heyward reading “1694-1699 The Middle Passage”
Cary Hite reading “1984-1989 The Hip-Hop Generation”
Dominic Hoffman reading “1784-1789 The U.S. Constitution”
Sherrilyn Ifill reading “1949-1954 The Road to Brown v. Board of Education”
James Monroe Iglehart reading “1649-1654 The Black Family”
JD Jackson reading “Upon Arrival” and “1724-1729 The Spirituals”
Zainab Jah reading “1624-1629 Africa”
Nikole Hannah-Jones reading “1619-1624 Arrival”
Sullivan Jones reading “1739-1744 The Stono Rebellion”
Peter Francis James reading “1669-1674 The Royal African Company”
Ibram X. Kendi reading “Introduction”
Terrence Kidd reading “1689-1674 The Code Noir”
January LaVoy reading “1789-1794 Sally Hemings”
Adam Lazarre-White reading “1644-1649 Anthony Johnson, Colony of Virginia” and “Remembering The Albany 3”
Keylor Leigh reading “1989-1994 Anita Hill”
Nicole Lewis reading “2009-2014 The Shelby Ruling”
Dennis Logan reading “1964-1969 Black Power”
Chanté McCormick reading “1659-1664 Elizabeth Keye”
Desmond Manny reading “1819-1824 Denmark Vesey”
Jesus Martinez reading “1979-1984 The War on Drugs”
Heather McGhee reading “1674-1679 Bacon’s Rebellion”
Sheryl Mebane reading “1944-1948 The Black Left”
Robin Miles reading “1719-1724 Maroons and Marronage” and “And the Record Repeats”
Karen Murray reading “1924-1929 The Harlem Renaissance”
Soneela Nankani reading “1629-1634 Whipped for Lying with a Black Woman”
Leon Nixon reading “1854-1859 Dred Scott”
Soledad O’Brien reading “2004-2009 Hurricane Katrina”
Leslie Odom, Jr. reading “1699-1704 The Selling of Joseph”
Adenrele Ojo reading “1884-1889 Philadelphia”
Genesis Oliver reading “1959-1964 The Civil Rights Movement”
Prentice Onayemi reading “1864-1869 The Civil War”
Tovah Ott reading “1969-1974 Property”
Morgan Parker reading “Before Revolution”
Imani Parks reading “1639-1644 Black Women’s Labor”
Lisa Renee Pitts reading “1954-1959 Black Arts”
Imani Jade Powers reading “1839-1844 Racial Passing”
Rhett Samuel Price reading “1799-1824 Higher Education”
Bill Quinn reading “1684-1689 The Germantown Petition Against Slavery”
Phylicia Rashad reading “1934-1939 Zora Neale Hurston”
David Sadzin reading “1754-1759 Blackness and Indigeneity”
Joshua David Scarlett reading “1999-2004 The Black Immigrant”
Heather Alicia Simms reading “1889-1894 Lynching”
Shayna Small reading “1764-1769 Phillis Wheatley”
Patricia Smith reading “Coiled and Unleashed”
Marisha Tapera reading “1829-1834 Maria Stewart”
Tashi Thomas reading “1794-1799 The Fugitive Slave Act” and “Compromise”
Damian Thompson reading “1834-1839 The National Negro Conventions”
TL Thompson reading “1714-1719 The Slave Market”
Ella Turenne reading “1974-1979 Combahee River Collective”
Bahni Turpin reading “1634-1639 Tobacco” and “Mama Where You Keep Your Gun?”
Anita Welch reading “1824-1829 Freedom’s Journal”
Jade Wheeler reading “1919-1924 Red Summer”
Samira Wiley reading “1874-1879 Atlanta”
Zenzi Williams reading “1729-1734 African Identities”
Mirron Willis reading “1869-1874 Reconstruction”
Andia Winslow reading “Not Without Some Instances of Uncommon Cruelty”
Kai Wright reading “1704 – 1709 The Virginia Slave Codes”

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