Emily Eiden
Emily Eiden

Emily Eiden has narrated many audiobooks for kids and young adults. She can be heard in numerous cartoons, including Voltron: Legendary Defender and Clarence; video games; and commercials. She also narrates the planetarium shows at Griffith Observatory, and appears at regional theaters.

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Author: Julie Bowe | Narrator: Emily Eiden
Release Date: March 21, 2017
A Publishers Weekly and Barnes & Noble Best Book of the Year about Wren Jo Byrd, a nine-year-old introvert whose life has gone topsy-turvy ever since her dad moved out."By turns heartbreaking and heartwarming—exactly like real life. Julie B...
Author: Caela Carter | Narrator: Emily Eiden
Release Date: June 07, 2016
For fans of Make It Or Break It, a novel about the road to Olympics for the world's most elite gymnasts.Work harder than anyone. Be the most talented. Sacrifice everything. And if you’re lucky, maybe you will go to the Olympics.   Grace li...
Author: Bobbie Pyron | Narrator: Chuck Carrington and Emily Eiden
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Daddy says, “Most folks got a north star in their life—something that gives their life extra meaning. Mine is music.”Without even thinking, I say, “Mine is Tam.” Abby knows that Tam, her Shetland sheepdog, is her no...