Kara Kinney Cartwright
Kara Kinney Cartwright

Kara Kinney Cartwright always says, please, thank you, and excuse me—even on the subway. She married a total good guy and, through relentless lecturing, threatening, teasing, cash bribing, and tricking, they have raised two sons who are not assh*les, for the most part. If you happen to know her in person, this book is not about you, for the most part. She lives near Washington, DC, and works as a law book editor.

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Author: Kara Kinney Cartwright | Narrator: Kara Kinney Cartwright
Release Date: March 24, 2020
Take it from a mom who raised two teenage boys into actual humans—yes, they can and do change. This is her tough love and candid advice on being a good guy in a world full of assh*les. Have you ever returned the family car with less than a...