Kara Kinney Cartwright

Kara Kinney Cartwright always says, please, thank you, and excuse me--even on the subway. She married a total good guy and, through relentless lecturing, teasing, cash-bribing, and tricking, they have raised two sons who are not assholes, for the most part. If you happen to know her in person, this book is not about you, for the most part. She has written parenting articles for Huff Post, Scary Mommy, Babble, Grown and Flown, and more. She lives in Washington, D.C., and works as a senior law book editor.

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Author: Kara Kinney Cartwright | Narrator: Kara Kinney Cartwright
Release Date: March 24, 2020
This is the tough love that boys need to hear today: a candid and whipsmart guide to being a good guy in a world full of assh*les.Despite their parents' best efforts, there are times when boys on the cusp of adulthood seem like they were raised by wo...