Joe Muto

Joe Muto made headlines in 2012 as the infamous "Fox Mole," a disgruntled Fox News employee who offered an unflattering look inside the notoriously right-wing company for gossip website Gawker. Formerly an associate producer for Bill O'Reilly, Muto, a self-professed "bleeding-heart, godless liberal," had been working at Fox for eight years before anonymously leaking video clips, pictures, and stories revealing the bizarre goings-on of the media giant. He was caught and fired within 36 hours, but not before becoming the hero of liberals and Fox critics everywhere.

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An Atheist in the FOXhole Cover
Author: Joe Muto | Narrator: Joe Muto
Release Date: June 04, 2013
The “Fox Mole”—whose dispatches for Gawker made headlines in Businessweek, The Hollywood Reporter, and even on The New York Times website—delivers a funny, opinionated memoir of his eight years at the unfair, unbalanced Fox Ne...
An Atheist in the FOXhole Cover