Lina Patel

Lina Patel is an actor, playwright, and screenwriter. She was born in Mumbai and studied theatre at New York University and the University of San Diego. For Penguin Random House, Lina Patel has narrated It Sleeps in Me, Queen of the South, The River Between Us, and The Tenth Power.

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The Tenth Power Cover
Author: Kate Constable | Narrator: Lina Patel
Release Date: February 28, 2006
Calwyn used to be exceptional. She was the most talented of all the chanters of Tremaris, and she’d fought hard to become their leader. But then there was an accident, and the magic inside her went silent. Where there once was power, now there ...
The Tenth Power Cover
It Sleeps in Me Cover
Author: Kathleen O'Neal Gear | Narrator: Lina Patel
Release Date: May 05, 2004
Sora is the wise, young High Chieftess of the Black Falcon Nation. For many winters her heart belonged to her husband, Flint, a warrior from a neighboring clan. Flint truly loved Sora, and together they explored the world of passion and love. But Fli...
It Sleeps in Me Cover
Author: Richard Peck | Narrator: Lina Patel
Release Date: March 23, 2004
Richard Peck is a master of stories about people in transition, but perhaps never before has he told a tale of such dramatic change as this one, set during the first year of the Civil War. The whole country is changing in 1861-even the folks from a m...
Queen of the South Cover
Author: Arturo Pérez-Reverte | Narrator: Lina Patel
Release Date: January 01, 2004
Few authors inspire the kind of passion that Arturo Pérez-Reverte does. Reviewers, readers, and booksellers alike have embraced his fiction as the perfect blend of suspense and literary ambition. A global bestseller, he is one of the most admi...
Queen of the South Cover