Sophie Aldred
Sophie Aldred

Sophie Aldred is the voice of Tree Fu Tom, Dennis the Menace, and Flopsy and Mopsy in Peter Rabbit. She plays Sophie in the popular comedy podcast Strangeness in Space. She played Doctor Who’s assistant, Ace, and presented many children’s TV shows.

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Author: David Solomons | Narrator: Sophie Aldred
Release Date: November 06, 2018
In celebration of the first female Doctor Who in history and the new TV series airing October 7, 2018! Bestselling author David Solomons delivers a super smart and vibrant new heroine in an original adventure bursting with action and humor.The Doctor...
Author: Paula Hawkins | Narrator: Sophie Aldred, Daniel Weyman, Imogen Church, Laura Aikman and Rachel Bavidge
Release Date: May 01, 2018
The #1 New York Times-bestselling author Paula Hawkins returns with Into the Water, her addictive new novel of psychological suspense about the slipperiness of the truth and a family drowning in secrets. Beware a calm surface: you never know what lie...
Permanent Rose Cover
Author: Hilary McKay | Narrator: Sophie Aldred
Release Date: January 10, 2006
Feisty Rose takes center stage as the highly original Casson family faces a long, hot summer. As usual, things are a bit chaotic. Eldest daughter Caddy is now engaged to darling Michael, and she’s not altogether sure she likes it. Saffy and Sar...
Permanent Rose Cover