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Lucy Rose: Big on Plans


Lucy Rose is very unique, except she’d be the first to tell you that is not the right thing to say because you either are unique or not but you can’t be very unique–though if someone would qualify Lucy Rose would be it. First, there’s Lucy Rose’s fashion sense. She likes color–pink, orange, yellow, green it all looks good on her, especially on the same day. Plus, she likes words. Lucy Rose collects palindromes and words that knock her colorful socks off. But Lucy Rose is worried about some things too, like the fact that her parents are separated and how she lives in Washington, D.C., 500 miles away from her dad and old friends. Plus it’s not easy being the new girl or trying to make new friends, but Lucy Rose is a girl that will face the challenge with her red boots on!


It is summer and Lucy Rose is trying to fill her days by making a lanyard keychain and solving her grandfather’s problem with squirrels. But there’s an even bigger problem that goes by the name of Ashley, the new girl who is so snarky! Plus, Lucy Rose is trying to stop her parents from deciding on a divorce. That is a whole lot of problems for one girl in one summer but Lucy Rose will give it her all!

Family & Relationships
Friendship • Growing Up
Emotions & Feelings • Humor • School

Grades 3–5


Here’s the thing about Katy Kelly: If you look at Lucy Rose’s life and then look at Katy’s, you’ll see that in some ways they’re very similar. Katy grew up on Capitol Hill and had a dog named Gumbo. Her parents are very much like Madam and Pop . . . and she’s an original thinker, at least according to her dad. Now working as a writer, Katy Kelly has worked as a reporter for People magazine, a feature writer for the Life section of USA Today, and was a senior editor at US News & World Report. She comes from a family of writers. Katy’s mom, Marguerite Kelly, is the author of The Mother’s Almanac and the syndicated column, The Family Almanac. Her father, Tom, wrote for the long-gone Washington Daily News and her brother, Michael, was a syndicated columnist and the editor of the Atlantic Monthly. Her sister, Meg Kelly, is an Emmy Award-winning television writer. Katy, her husband, and their daughters, Emily and Marguerite, now live in Washington, D.C.


Ask the class: What activities do you most like to do in the summer? Do you ever get bored in the summer?

Encourage students to complete these activities as they read:
• Fill out the chart on the next page about the characters from Lucy Rose: Big on Plans.
• As you read, make a list of the words that are new to you. Then try to use them as you are speaking that day or even in a sentence that you write. Make a chart where you rate the words in these categories: never heard it, sounds familiar, could give a definition, could use in a sentence.
• Lucy Rose, Melonhead, and Jonique are trying to solve Madam and Pop’s ultimate squirrel problem in the apricot tree. As you read, place a sticky note over the cause and effects of this adventure. Remember that everything that has an action has a reaction. Discuss the results as a class.

• Create a Venn diagram that compares Ashley to Lucy Rose. What (if anything) do they have in common? How are they different?
• Have students keep a journal inspired by Lucy Rose’s journal. They should record at least one entry for each day. Remind them to not only describe what they did (though that’s a nice start!) but what they think, feel, remember, and wonder, too!


Do your students have questions for the author about her writing and characters? Have them e-mail her at today!


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